What clients have said about LI….

“Prior to having LI, my life was shaped by reacting to, coping with, numbing or avoiding powerful emotional pain which left me feeling hopeless at times. I thought that was ‘normal’. Previous counselling achieved small shifts but nothing like the transformation that having LI has brought about. Now I can feel joy and am peaceful, and wake up without a sense of dread. My thoughts are quiet and I can engage with life, people and events here and now instead of enduring a constant re-run of the past and its pain. Most of all, I am learning to trust, allow people near and make friendships- something I have longed for and am now starting to achieve.”

– Sarah

“I have taken part in LI counselling and it has helped me immensely. It helped me deal with the loss of my mother at a very early age, and a sense of abandonment growing up as a teenager. I have been through regular counselling but LI provided a feeling of progress, a sense of recovery as the process went on; addressing and mending events that had caused me trauma. LI helped to reassess and re-balance these events so I had a better understanding of them but also meant “they” didn’t have a “hold” over me, leading to episodes of depression and self harm. LI has played a massive part in who I am now. I would very much recommend it to anyone. I feel more at ease with myself, more rounded, and in-touch with who I am as a person. I am content.”

– Simon

“I was in a challenging relationship and had started to hit myself … for 3 to 4 years without feeling I could stop it. I have done lots of counselling/therapy before. What was profound for me with LI – was the speed of change. I was in so much distress [but] after 1 session of LI the hitting stopped overnight. The desire still remained and after a further session of LI the desire stopped. I have gone back and unlocked some emotional data, and now feel re-programmed. And I don’t feel like I will revert to those paths when I do stop therapy. Something has changed in my make-up. We didn’t over – pick, over – analyse. Change has not been rational – it is more like reworking something inside – to make more of who I am really available to myself. I can understand neurologically, reworking moments of trauma that have been channelled in a certain way. Now I have relationships that are thriving and manifested in a way I enjoy. This is the best thing I have done as an adult to fully become an adult. This work explicitly takes you back to look after yourself – to look after and love and reassure yourself is a brilliant practice. The act of doing this has changed my relationship with me and now I love myself.”

– Rowan

What mental health professionals have said about LI….

“In 2008 I first used Pace’s Lifespan Integration method to treat a chronically unwell patient who had undergone three previous courses of therapy with different therapists without improvement. After a year and a half of treatment she was fully recovered. In severe dissociative cases, LI offers a safe pathway to integration. Lifespan Integration reaches through to core problems speedily and powerfully with a deep understanding of the issues.”

– Dr Gene-Cos, Lead Consultant Psychiatrist for the Traumatic Stress Service, Maudsley Hospitals

“I am seeing many positive outcomes with generalised anxiety and panic attacks and with post traumatic reactions. The clients not only experience a reduction, and often a cessation, of their symptoms, they build an inner strength and confidence and start living differently and their unhelpful beliefs that were so strong are gently transformed into helpful ones that reflect their ‘here and now’ life.”

– Sarah Lloyd, Integrative Counsellor

“Lifespan Integration Therapy has been the most valuable training that I have done in my 22 years of working as a psychologist and psychotherapist. I now use it with the majority of my clients. It is so effective because it works on deep sub-cortical structures in the brain and therefore promotes more rapid and permanent healing than talking therapy alone. It also heals without re-traumatising and can treat pre-verbal traumas, such as birth or early attachment trauma. I have found it especially helpful in my work with adopted and Looked After children, as well as adults and adolescents with PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, depression, self-harm and anxiety disorders. I would highly advise any therapist to add L.I. to their toolkit!”

– Sue Hawkins, HCPC Registered Psychologist

“This training has transformed my practice – it has brought positive healing results and works at a far quicker pace getting to the core of some problems without the need for prolonged work. It changes lives – try it!”

– Kirsty Vickerman, Specialist Psychotherapist in Neurology, NHS Trust