Level 2 (Intermediate)

Before attending the Level 2 Lifespan Integration training
Therapists must have completed Level 1 training (since 2011) and undertaken a minimum of 1 hour of supervision with an approved LI supervisor. Therapists are encouraged to begin using LI with some of their clients immediately after attending the Level 1 Lifespan Integration training.  We recommend that therapists receive at least one session of the LI Baseline protocol from a certified LI therapist before taking the Level 2 training. The Baseline session is not required at this point, but will be required prior to attending the Level 3 LI training.

Description of the Level 2 Lifespan Integration training

During the Level 2 training participants will learn:

  • To use LI Standard protocol and its variations to resolve specific traumas in the Timeline while meeting the previously unmet needs of younger ego states.
  • To use variations of the LI Baseline protocol to increase the client’s capacity to move toward and to stay within their Window of Tolerance (WOT).
  • To use variations of the LI Baseline protocol to engage the self-organizing capacities of the individual client, allowing their self-system to sort through and release no longer needed survival strategies originally developed to defend against early trauma and neglect.
  • More about assessment and treatment planning – How to use the LI protocols learned in Levels 1 and 2 to create treatment plans which will increase each individual client’s integration and body-mind coherence.

Over this two day training there will be three supervised practice sessions where participants practice and experience LI Standard protocol from each of three roles: therapist, client, and observer. In order to receive credit, each participant must remain present during the entire training, and must fully participate in all three practices.


  • £530 or £490 Early Bird discounted price.
  • £390 for participants repeating the training course.
  • A deposit of £100 will be required to secure a training place.
  • The remainder of the cost will be payable 6 weeks prior to commencement date.

Please use the form below to book

Presenters: Vajralila (Lea)

Language: English

Time: 9am to 5pm both days

Venue: Brighton

Registration: liuktraining@gmail.com


  • £530 or
  • £490 Early Bird discounted price, if booked and paid by 30/3/2024
  • £390 for participants repeating the training course.
  • A deposit of £100 will be required to secure a training place.
  • The remainder of the cost will be payable 6 weeks prior to commencement date.

To participate in this training course, you need to have completed the Level 1 Lifespan Integration Training.  Please specify the date you completed this on your application form.

Cancellation Policy:
A full refund of course fee will be given in the event of Covid19 legal restrictions.
Other cancellation up to 6 weeks before the training – 50% of course fee is retained
Other cancellation within 6 weeks of the training – 100% of course fee is retained

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