Lifespan Integration UK

Lifespan Integration UK promotes Lifespan Integration (LI) therapy, trains psychological counsellors and therapists in LI and supports the development of trained LI therapists in the UK and Ireland.

Lifespan Integration is a gentle body-mind therapy that works on a deep level to change unhelpful emotional responses and defensive strategies that exist as protection from the affect of past traumas. People who have experienced trauma in childhood often continue to have the same emotional reactions in their present lives. Trauma memories can trigger people to once again feel under threat, causing them to react in the same way as they did in the past. However, people have reported that after Lifespan Integration, they enjoy life, have better self-acceptance and are more able to enjoy their intimate relationships. Lifespan Integration has a number of protocols that integrate painful past experiences. The LI therapist invites their client/patient to listen to repetitions of their timeline (short memory cues) proving to their body/mind (neural system) that the trauma is over. Placing the painful memory chronologically in the past helps the person to under-stand mentally, emotionally and bodily, that they have survived and are no longer under threat. LI allows the client to embrace the present, free from being triggered into old ways of feeling and behaving.

What can LI help with?

Attachment issues
Relationship problems
Eating disorders
Low self-worth
Trauma and neglect
Shock trauma

Who can LI help?


Peggy Pace describes how her work with adult survivors of trauma led her to the discovery and development of Lifespan Integration therapy

The key elements of Lifespan Integration Therapy by Vajralila, a certified Lifespan Integration therapist and supervisor.