Lifespan Integration Learning Labs with Sarah Lloyd and Lea (Vajralila)

We, Sarah and Lea, are excited to be offering our inspirations in these Learning Labs. We are excited to provide an opportunity for the LI community to come
together to connect, learn and practice, in informal yet focused ways.

The workshops will link current perspectives from trauma and neuroscience and unpack their relevance and application to our LI work.

If you have inspiration for further Learning Labs, we welcome your ideas and requests. The aim is to explore relevant perspectives and look at ways they inform our understanding of the LI process, they are not a reflection of LICC core teaching unless specified.

We are offering each 2hr Learning lab for just £45 to make them accessible, and they can be booked on the Eventbright link. The link will only be offered to Therapists that have done at least a level 1 LI training.

This is a new application of the PTSD protocol.
We, Sarah and Lea , have both found this profoundly helpful for ourselves and our clients in processing the trauma of the last year.
It is just over a year since we first went into lockdown, making this a great time to be offering this to clients.
The covid timeline is a way to help our systems clear the trauma of the past year and come into the here and now. We will introduce the process, demonstrate
it and allow discussion to integrate it.

Lea’s will present Steven Porges Polyvagal Theory and its draw out its usefulness in LI work; we will then apply this by making a personal Polyvagal map. We will explore how Lifespan Integration timelines can be effectively facilitated and tracked with the Polyvagal ladder in mind.

Sarah will follow on from the previous Polyvagal workshop by exploring practical ways to regulate the client’s autonomic nervous system during timelines, to keep them in the optimal zone for integration. Positive Feedback Loops will be explained and their practical application in regulating the client in LI sessions. There will be space to practice this.

Sarah will present the theory of ‘memory reconsolidation,’ which unpacks the stages for fixed neural networks, holding implicit learning, emotions and behaviour patterns, to become ‘plastic’ and update or ‘re-consolidate’, through LI timeline work. The stages will be mapped against the shifts seen in clients during sessions and reflections on which interventions between timelines facilitate the process. The aim is to become conscious of the neural process happening during LI Therapy and learn ways to optimise it when the process gets stuck.
The last portion of this session will be set aside for participants to ask questions about anything LI and share practice tips or dilemmas in an organic and relaxed way.

This session will build on all of the previous sessions.
Lea will explore a road map of what could be helpful in the LI protocols to bring safety into the clients system.
With particular emphasis on Standard Protocol sessions in which we will focus on 3 potential areas to consider coaching clients to assist heading up the Polyvagal ladder.

  1. Take child self to a safe place.
  2.  Adult protects and / or fights the persecutor
  3. Adult supports child to stand up to the persecutor.
    Active imagination provides the body mind system with an equal of opposing force and this will be made explicit by Sarah.
  • Open to any therapist that has completed level 1 LI training or beyond.
  • Cost: £45

When we learn that who we are is not acceptable, ego states can go off line leaving us alienated from our wholeness. LI is an excellent way to go back in time and
gather and affirm these ego states and welcome them back into the light. Lea will explore this in relation to sexual and/or gender diversity, give case examples and create a safe and non judgmental space for therapists to explore this area and allow any prejudices to come into awareness so they can be transformed.

  • Open to any therapist that has completed level 1 LI training or beyond.
  • Cost: £45

A ‘brave space’ Workshop to explore Whiteness, Race and both the damage and the healing of prejudice through the healing lens of Lifespan Integration Therapy.
This will happen in a non judgemental and supportive space.

  • Open to any therapist that has completed level 1 LI training or beyond.
  • Cost: £45


Attachment Repair

Honing our understanding of the key developmental stages and using appropriate coaching to heal attachment wounds.

Open to any therapist that has completed level 2 LI training or beyond.

Attunement Coaching

Focusing on the ‘energetic experience’ of tuning in to our client and the implementation of particularly helpful repair messages to their baby self.

Open to any therapist that has completed level 2 LI training or beyond