Transforming my practice

So many of my clients are growing and deepening in ways they never have before (particularly those who have had past experiences with therapy). I am really grateful to have stumbled on to LI. It is transforming my practice. The Universe has gifted you with this and you are gifting all of us. I’m glad you were open, receptive and ready when the time came to learn and teach. LI is far more useful than anything I used before.

Aimee Rhoads, M.Ed


Peggy, the beauty and the healing I am seeing from adults who were victimized horribly as children is so dramatic and so transformative. You have provided such an amazing gift to all of us who are about connection and healing; the depth of change I am experiencing and witnessing in clients as well as in myself is profound. It’s positive, it’s energizing, and it’s healing at it’s very core.

Terri McLennan, LMFT


I want to express my gratitude for your creativity and generosity. The development of LI is amazing, and you sharing it is wonderful! I have always loved doing therapy; I get training in every new therapy available and therefore keep abreast of all that is available. However, I think yours is the best of the best. I am enjoying doing it so much, and am receiving it also. It really is brilliant, and thanks so very much!

Sue Goodell, MA, MS, MFT

Great progress

I am really happy that I had the opportunity to meet you Peggy here in Stockholm and hope to meet you again. LI has really contributed to some great progress with several of my severely abused clients.

Ann Wilkens, Licensed Psychotherapist

Small miracles nearly every day

I have been doing therapy for nearly 25 years and have never enjoyed it as much as I do now. Now that I am using Lifespan Integration with my clients, I see small miracles nearly every day. When you think about being “off” in your thinking just a little, then letting that fester and grow over the years…making unhealthy choices based on irrational beliefs…what a difference LI makes!! Thank you Peggy and all for your “in person” and for your online teaching!!

Julie Verheul, LMHC

LI a god send

As I work with folks who dissociate a great deal (people with eating disorders and dissociative disorders) I have found LI to be a god send – much safer, gentler, and more effective than the many EMDR variations designed for dissociation. It’s also so much simpler, and the results seem to generalize better. I’m also especially sold on the birth protocol.

Judy Lightstone, MA, MS, LMFT

LI does it all

Wow! LI does it all. I mean it. We’ve all heard that old saying that “if something sounded too good to be true, then it probably is.” Well, not in this case. LI is effective with healing attachment issues, building affect tolerance skills, discovering internal resources, and the remediation of maladaptive behavior and thought patterns. Even my most difficult clients, those who have spent most of their lives in a dissociated state, with very little access to their “Core Self”, are making shifts never before experienced. What I like most about LI, besides the rapid speed of success it seems to deliver, is that I feel and know I am truly giving my clients an awesome tool, that I know works. Every single LI session, no matter how difficult or traumatic the case, leaves my clients, and myself with a sense of accomplishment. I can see the hope on their faces when they leave. I have always wanted to be a helper, ever since I was a small child. I have finally found the technique that my soul has been searching for. Thank You Peggy for developing such a beautiful tool, and for being the beautiful soul that you are.

Maureen S. Powell, LCSW

Great success

I have had great success with LI in so many ways! I have been able to clear up severe anxiety and bring amazing greater stability of moods for many clients with long histories of the same, even with clients who have had addiction problems.

Thank you.

Sharon Kirkland LCSW

Restructuring through imagery work

I learned early on from my former consultant, Landry Wildwild, that folks often need an internal restructuring through imagery work to fill in the gaps. I think LI facilitates the process at a quantum level. I am finding LI to be a fabulous tool for treating developmental deficits, and the resulting anxiety and depression. Obviously, there are some clients with whom I have to go very slowly, given their particular histories and issues with trust. For the most part, I find LI to be the most efficient and least retraumatizing means to a therapeutic end. I like LI because I can easily weave in imaginal work for the client to experience developmental repairs. The added Time Lines seem to be the key to connecting the client to their Adult once that imaginal foundation is in place. Amazingly, this seems true even when the person has very little developed adult ego. Thank you, Peggy, for your ingenuity. You have made a meaningful contribution to the field and to many in need.

Donna Morrish MFT

Effective and Expedient

The more I use LI with patients for anxiety, depression and blocking beliefs, I am realizing how effective and expedient the outcome of the therapy. I am so grateful to have this tool for difficult cases that have not responded to other psychotherapeutic methods. I am looking forward to any advanced trainings that you may offer in the future, regardless of CEU’s. Thank you for your immense contribution to the field.

Colette Cammisa MFT


I have been having beautiful success with your LI process. It is very energizing and lights the soul. Thanks.

Lali Mitchell, MFC

Profound healing

I have been doing traditional long term psychotherapy for the past 16 years and have always loved it. However, Lifespan Integration has not only truly transformed the way I work, it has also has changed my own life in profound ways. The growth I see with LI has been so much more accelerated and quite lasting over time because of the way the brain gently repairs and integrates traumatic experiences and puts the adult self in charge of the way we make sense of the past, with adult skills and many more resources than possible to the younger self who experienced the event. I am impressed with the gentleness and non-invasiveness of this therapy. The level of healing that my clients report is exciting and very encouraging. I cannot say enough about it and feel so energized at the possibilities for such deep and profound healing.

Nasrin Rousta, MS LMHC

Amazing results

I’m astounded how LI brings amazing results within a few minutes. Clients I’ve worked with for years are completing their therapy in just a few sessions using L.I. The best part of L.I. is how it resources while doing the trauma work. Abreactions are rare and are quickly resolved through use of the Time Line. Clients feel full and complete when they are done with a session. Lifespan Integration is the new energy work for the Millennium!

Becky Morehead, EMDR Therapist

I love what you have created

I can’t tell you how many people have come my way after they found out I was an LI therapist! I love what you have created and love the responses I get from my clients!

Shonna Porter, MACP