Level 1 and Level 2 LI trainings are prerequisites for the LI trainings listed on this page

Level 1 et Level 2 sont des pré-requis

Presenter: Laure MANN

Time: 9h30-18h30/9h-17h30

Language: Français

Venue: Forum 104, 104 rue Vaugirard

Registration details: https://www.institut-double-helice.fr/formation.php?id=6&lieu=Paris

Tariff / Cost: 515€

Presenter: Dr A. Janner Steffan

Time: 9:00 am – 4:30 pm both days

Language: English

Venue: Zoom

Registration details: https://www.ajanner-lifespan.ch/en/refresher-online-workshop/

Tariff / Cost:
Day 1: £ 95.-
Day 1&2: £ 180.-

Lifespan Integration therapy is entering a new era. LI has been restructured with new insights regarding its psychobiological model and the treatment of complex trauma. This webinar gives you all important information about new developments in LI.