Level Three Lifespan Integration Training

Description of the Level 3 Lifespan Integration training

During Level 3 therapists will learn how to use Lifespan Integration therapy to repair breaches in early attachment, and how to effectively use LI to integrate the self systems of their most dissociative clients, including those clients diagnosed as DID and DDNOS.  The focus of the Level 3 training will be on:

1) How to attune to even the most dissociative clients, keeping them present throughout the session, and especially during Step 6 – the Time Line, and

2) How to structure and implement treatment plans for clients with histories of early trauma and neglect.

After completing this training, participating therapists will understand how working with the core self of the DID client ‘feels’ and ‘looks’ different from working with one of the client’s alters.  Participants will come to understand that gaining the trust of the core self and working directly with the core is necessary in order to integrate a dissociative client’s fragmented self system. All LI protocols will be briefly reviewed during the Level 3 training.  Participants’ learning will be enhanced through practicing attunement, viewing video clips, and through discussion of case studies.

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Cost of training

Early registration rate (paid 3 weeks or more in advance of training dates):

  • Full – TBA
  • Repeating trainees – TBA

Full rate – after early registration deadline:

  • Full – TBA
  • Repeating trainees – TBA

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