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Changes coming in 2017

Our international team of LI instructors has put together a new training program. We feel these changes will enhance our training program and ensure that therapists who complete the training finish with a more thorough understanding of LI than those therapists who tried to learn LI in only two two-day segments.

Beginning in January of 2017 we will be moving to our new training format.  The new, expanded program will give therapists a better basic understanding of LI and the neuroscience on which it is based, plus will provide participating therapists more opportunity to practice a few of the various LI protocols under supervision.  We feel that our new system will better prepare LI therapists to get the best results when they begin to use Lifespan Integration with their clients.

Therapists who completed both Levels 1 and 2 of the Lifespan Integration training prior to 2017 will not be required to take the new Level 2 and Level 3, although if they choose to attend either of the newly structured courses they can attend for the discounted rate for repeating.

Description of the present Level 1 Lifespan Integration training

The level 1 Lifespan Integration training takes place over two consecutive days. Participants learn how to use the basic protocols of LI therapy, watch 3 videos of LI sessions, and watch a live demonstration during which the instructor gives a volunteer participant an hour long Lifespan Integration session.  The training also includes three practice sessions where participants experience LI therapy from each of three roles: therapist, client, and observer.  In order to receive credit, each participant must remain present during the entire training, and must fully participate in the practices.

After completing the Level 1 Lifespan Integration training, therapists will be able to use the LI standard and PTSD protocols to clear body memory of recent or childhood trauma.  Therapists will also be able to use LI Birth to Present protocol to help clients with attachment issues, anxiety disorders, difficulties with affect regulation, with self-esteem, and with most other current issues which are related to a history of abuse or neglect in childhood.  Further LI training is recommended before attempting to use the LI protocols with survivors of complex early trauma and neglect such as DID or DDNOS clients.

Cancellation Policy:  Tuition will be refunded in full if notice of cancellation is received at least three weeks prior to date of the workshop.  For cancellations less than three weeks prior to the date of the workshop, tuition will be refunded less a $ 30 cancellation fee.  Cancellations within 72 hours of the workshop will not be refunded, but can apply to any Lifespan Integration training offered through this website within the next two years.

The Lifespan Integration training workshops are for mental health professionals.

To qualify to attend, a therapist must have a graduate degree in the field of mental health. The trainings are open to clinicians with MA, MSW, PsyD, and PhD degrees in Psychology, and to MD Psychiatrists. Any exceptions must be approved prior to registration.

Psychology graduate students nearing completion of their programs are eligible to attend the Lifespan Integration training at a reduced rate. To qualify to attend, students should be in the final year of their training programs, and must be participating in a supervised counseling internship.

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Early registration rate (paid 3 weeks or more in advance of training dates):

  • Full $435
  • Students and those repeating  $350

Late registration – after early registration deadline:

  • Full – $475
  • Students and those repeating – $390

Workshop Tuition includes Peggy Pace’s book:
Lifespan Integration: Connecting Ego States through Time
NOTE: the book is not included for repeating trainees

Continuing Education

14.5 Clock hours for MFT’s, MHC’s, and MSW’s thru NBCC
13.5 Psychologist CE’s thru WA-Psych and APA*
* WA-Psych charges non-members  a $15 fee for each psychologist CE certificate.[/text_output][/vc_column][/vc_row]