I understand how frustrating, tiring, and confusing it can be when we find ourselves repeatedly coming up against the same difficulties in our lives and relationships. Whether marital discord, trauma, faith transitions, OCD, depression, anxiety, postpartum mood disorders, life transitions, or LGBTQIA+ related concerns bring you here, I’m here to help.

My approach in therapy is firmly rooted in the belief that people are inherently good, worthy of love, doing the best they can given their current resources, life experience, and knowledge, and capable of change. I often find that the very things people are struggling with were once necessary, adaptive responses to their environment. As such, dysfunctional patterns are deserving of understanding and compassion, no matter what they may be, which then opens the doors for new beliefs and behaviors to emerge.

I find it such a privilege to be able to enter someone’s world, get curious and compassionate, and empower clients to heal from the inside out. I prioritize creating a safe environment where you feel truly seen and heard, and where pain, dysfunction, and difficult emotions can be approached in new ways and healed. I am trained in a trauma-informed, gentle, body-based treatment known as Lifespan Integration. In addition, Emotion Focused Therapy, Internal Family Systems, and general mindfulness-based approaches are among my most commonly used therapy modalities.

If I’m not chasing around my little boy, you can usually find me baking, going on walks, working on a creative project, or catching up on some reality tv.

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