Details of Level 2 Trainings

Currently, due to the Covid pandemic, there are no Level 2 Lifespan Integration trainings scheduled for the US. We will schedule trainings in 2021 when the US has established testing and contact tracing, or when a vaccine becomes available.

Before attending the Level 2 Lifespan Integration training

Therapists are encouraged to begin using LI with some of their clients immediately after  attending the Level 1 Lifespan Integration training.  One supervision session from an approved LI consultant is required before attending the Level 2 Lifespan Integration training.  We recommend that therapists receive at least one session of the LI Baseline protocol from a certified LI therapist before taking the Level 2 training.  The Baseline session is not required at this point, but will be required prior to attending the Level 3 LI training.

Description of the Level 2 Lifespan Integration training

During the Level 2 training participants will learn:

  • LI Standard protocol and its variations 
  • More about how to assess clients and how to create LI treatment plans according to each individual client’s self-structure and stability
  • Variations of the Baseline protocol designed to heal the damage resultant from early trauma and neglect by: 1) proving to the client’s body-mind that the trauma is in the past, 2) increasing the client’s ability to self-regulate and to remain within their WOT  (Window of Tolerance), and 3) targeting introjects which negatively affect client’s self regard and ability to function at full capacity. 

Over this two day training there will be three supervised practice sessions where participants practice and experience Standard protocol LI from each of three roles: therapist, client, and observer.  In order to receive credit, each participant must remain present during the entire training, and must fully participate in all three practices.

Statement about the Practicums during Lifespan Integration trainings:

Each LI training involves three practice sessions. Every participant is required to complete all three practices in order to receive credit for the training. Therapists who experienced childhood trauma and/or neglect may have undiagnosed dissociative disorders.  Internal coherence  (a “solid enough” self -system) is a necessary quality of every successful LI therapist.  Dissociative therapists with histories of childhood trauma and/or neglect, who have not yet completed enough of their own personal Lifespan Integration therapy, can sometimes become dysregulated and/or highly activated while viewing and working with the early traumas of other participants. These individuals are not appropriate for our LI trainings until after they have experienced their own Lifespan Integration therapy.

Cancellation Policy:  Tuition will be refunded in full if notice of cancellation is received at least three weeks prior to date of the workshop.  For cancellations less than three weeks prior to the date of the workshop, tuition will be refunded less a $ 30 cancellation fee.  Cancellations within 72 hours of the workshop will not be refunded.

Upcoming Level 2 Trainings

Cost of training

Early registration rate (paid 3 weeks or more in advance of training dates):

  • Full – $480
  • Students and those taking Level 2 for a 2nd time – $390

Full rate – after early registration deadline:

  • Full – $510
  • Students and those taking Level 2 for a 2nd time – $420

Continuing Education

14.5 Clock hours through NBCC