Level Two Lifespan Integration Training

Recommended before attending the Level 2 Lifespan Integration training

Therapists are encouraged to practice LI with several of their more stable clients before attending the Level 2 training.

Please Note:   Even though LI is an excellent choice of therapy for our most fragmented and dissociative clients, newly trained LI therapists are advised against using LI with this group.  LI is not as simple as it appears on the surface.  Inexperienced LI therapists who are not yet able to stay profoundly attuned to their dissociative clients risk dysregulating the fragile psychic structures which hold these folks together.

We advise therapists to contact one of the approved LI consultants (listed on the LI website) and to schedule one or more hours of Skype or phone supervision for guidance and support when beginning to use LI

Description of the Level 2 Lifespan Integration training

The level 2 Lifespan Integration training takes place over two consecutive days.  During the Level 2 training participants will learn about the LI Attunement protocol, and how to use this protocol to help clients build self structure and regulate emotion.  Participants in this training will learn how to use the LI Birth to Present protocol to clear any known or unknown birth trauma. Participants will learn how to design individualized treatment plans based on each client’s unique psychic structure and needs.  To further this learning goal, the instructor will encourage discussion of specific cases either from his/her practice or from participants’ practices. (To protect client confidentiality, identifying details should be omitted or changed before presenting each case.)

Over this two day training there will be three practice sessions where participants experience the LI baseline protocol from each of three roles: therapist, client, and observer.  In order to receive credit, each participant must remain present during the entire training, and must fully participate in all three practices.

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Cost of training

Early registration rate (paid 3 weeks or more in advance of training dates):

  • Full – TBA
  • Repeating trainees – TBA

Full rate – after early registration deadline:

  • Full – TBA
  • Repeating trainees – TBA

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