Michelle Raine

Do you struggle with being stuck in patterns, emotions and behaviors you can’t seem to change? I can help you get unstuck and find your own personal path to growth, healing and empowerment.

I often work with clients experiencing depression, anxiety, addiction, abusive relationship patterns, emotional dysregulation, shame and self-destructive behaviors. Commonly these issues are rooted in trauma and highly over adapted self-preservation mechanisms. When addressing trauma, talk therapy only gets at half the picture, the other half is found in our bodies. My holistic, body-based approach to mental health counseling brings in elements of spirituality, neurobiology and mindfulness.

I specialize in working with both complex and acute trauma and am a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. I frequently use Lifespan Integration and EMDR to help clients integrate parts of self that have become fragmented throughout their lifetime. In addition, my background is in working with the LGBTQ population and I really enjoy working with alternative relationship structures, sexual minorities, and gender non-conforming individuals. My goal is to provide compassionate gender-affirming and sex-positive care.

1314 NE 43rd St, Suite 209, Seattle, WA 98105

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