Sarah Probst is a Licensed Professional Counselor located in the Hollywood district of Portland, Oregon. Sarah has attended Level I and II trainings in Lifespan Integration therapy and administers the LI approach to her clients regularly.

She also incorporates various other curriculums and trauma-informed, brain-based therapies into her treatment plans to help clients see significant changes that can not be achieved through “talk-therapy” alone. Some of these include Neurofeedback​, Lifespan Integration,  The Genesis Process for addiction recovery, Surviving the Secret for survivors of sexual trauma, Love is a Choice for codependency issues, Hold Me Tight for marriage concerns just to name a few. Additionally, she uses Neurofeedback, Lifespan Integration and EMDR therapies to address PTSD, Trauma, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sleep Disorders, Migraines, Depression, Anxiety and OCD.

Sarah received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech Communication from Southeastern Louisiana University, a Master’s Diploma (35+ Master’s Hours) in Ministry & Leadership from Western Seminary, and went on to complete a Master of Arts degree in Counseling from Multnomah University.

Her Post Graduate Certifications include the following:

​Portland State University – Certificate in Foster & Adoptive Therapies

EEG Institute – Certification in the Othmer Method Neurofeedback Therapy

Lifespan Integration – Certification (in progress) in Level I & II post-graduate training (Peggy Pace)

EMDR – Through the PESI Institute

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