My main area of interest in therapy is working with individuals struggling with relational difficulties that keep repeating across different aspects of a person’s life and adversely impacting the quality of life they would like to have. Adverse childhood experiences and relational experiences that were difficult, overwhelming or beyond the ability of a child to process can result in difficulties in forming or maintaining stable, nurturing relationships later in life.  Mal-adaptive coping mechanisms that helped a child get through the early years of life can become obstacles to living a more connected, fulfilling life as we move on.

My approach to therapy is informed by in-depth knowledge and training in neuroscience, attachment theory, psychodynamic theories of personality development, and the effects of complex trauma on the body and neural networks involving emotions. As a therapist, I am committed to lifelong learning and professional development to stay informed and up to date in working with a variety of evidence based modalities that have been shown to be effective in treating complex trauma, addiction and personality disorders.

Addiction is often a by-product of adverse childhood experiences that led to the development of coping strategies to manage pain, low self-worth and shame, all of which make it difficult to establish intimate connections with others and ourself.  Lifespan Integration,  EMDR  and Trauma-informed Mindfulness are therapeutic modalities I work with to help clients process traumatic memories and heal the mind-body system in order to facilitate healthy social engagement, self-actualization and a sense of flourishing and thriving.

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