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Avenue des Orangers 30 Brussels 1150 BELGIUM


50.8303142, 4.4412856

My main area of interest in therapy is working with individuals struggling with self-regulation, including that manifested as addiction.

My approach to therapy is informed by in-depth knowledge of neuroscience and physiology and a commitment to continuous training in therapy and counselling. I draw on the theories of psychodynamics and object relations, the principles of Gestalt, and the healing power of different body-based therapies to resolve relational trauma held in the mind-body system.

Addiction is often associated with adverse childhood experiences and the development of coping strategies that block connection with self and others.  LI has become an integral part of the work I do to help clients address developmental trauma and rewire their own mind-body system to facilitate healthy social engagement, self-actualisation and a sense of flourishing and thriving.

Brussels, BELGIUM