I specialize in working with adolescents and adults aged 16-45 as I love working with people who are stepping into their personal power, developing identity, and establishing relationships and intimacy with others. I also enjoy helping clients transmute their anxiety and release old family patterns that are no longer serving them.

My attitude is warm, positive, and nonjudgmental. I offer an environment where you can truly be seen; I promise empathy and presence. I recognize that you wish to be loved, hope to belong, be understood, and search for value in your life. I invite you to have hope and courage, be authentic and open.

Therapeutic sessions will be tailored to your needs. We will move at your pace and aim to resolve the very source of your suffering. I may invite you to set a Family Constellation, try Lifespan Integration, contemplative practices, visualization and guided imagery, relaxation and mindfulness techniques, and dream work during the course of our time together.

I invite you to bring your interest in complementary modalities such as holistic medicine, body work, energy work, intuitive practices, mystical pursuits, and other tools for self-discovery. These forms of self-care work incredibly well alongside therapy and I very much enjoy being just one member of a whole team of practitioners focused on supporting you.

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