We are all hard-wired for struggle. Not one of us is exempt from loss, pain or fear.  At times, those areas of difficulty become more than we can manage alone. I believe that the therapeutic process is one that provides security to navigate those areas with more clarity and intentionality than ever before.  The process of shifting one’s perspective and increasing awareness around patterned ways of behaving and interacting is powerful and can bring about life changing results.

My guess is that you have tried change on your own and are appropriately seeking the support you need to experience the joy and freedom you know is possible.  We repeatedly come back to the same places of struggle because of our defaulted way of navigating this life-it’s what we know and until we know different we cannot do different. Change is not easy; It is, however, possible.  If you are committed to the process, I will meet you in the journey. I draw from a myriad  of evidenced based practices that will meet you where you are and equip you with the resources needed to propel you into the life you want to experience.

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