Bronwyn Sullivan has a thriving private practise that provides assistance to clients for the resolution of life challenges and encourages personal growth and development for the individual as well as within the context of intimate relationships.

As a Certified Lifespan Integration Consultant and Facilitator, with a Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology, Bronwyn has a warm and pragmatic approach that assists clients to move forward from self-limiting behaviours and to process challenging life events, from small ‘t’ to  capital ‘T’ traumas.

Bronwyn has found that the versatility of LI as an intervention allows for a broad range of application, including PTSD, trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship concerns and attachment repair, inclusive of childhood neglect, abuse and adoption.

As with all modalities, the client /counsellor relationship is central to therapeutic safety; Bronwyn’s authenticity and responsiveness facilitates this process of positive change.

Lifespan Integration Consultant

Bronwyn provides consultation and supervision to therapists who have completed Level 1 training, as well those who have completed Level 1 and Level 2 training and are seeking to be certified.  After completing training, therapists will be able to use LI standard protocol and the LI PTSD protocol to clear body memory of childhood trauma or more recent trauma. Therapists will also be able to use LI Birth to Present protocol to help clients with attachment issues, anxiety disorder, difficulties with affect regulation, and self-esteem and with most other current issues which are related to history of abuse or neglect in childhood.  Although the interventions protocols of Lifespan Integration are readily understood, initial application may feel challenging.  In addition, as with any dynamic modality, and in particular when working with complex clients, questions may arise. While the gentle, non-re-traumatizing principles of LI practise remain, clients who have experienced complex early trauma and neglect may present new therapists with histories that require a deeper nuanced understanding of LI than is possible to communicate via a workshop alone. As a certified therapist, consultant and facilitator, Bronwyn is available to address queries around the ‘how to’ of LI application. As a passionate proponent of Lifespan Integration, Bronwyn is always delighted to work with therapists who are seeking to extend and improve their understanding and application of LI.


Bronwyn Sullivan Lifespan Integration Consultant

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