Life is full of challenges. Challenges that often land us in a lost a sense of direction and/or purpose in life. In both positive and difficult changes in our lives, adjustment can sometimes be difficult and we often feel disoriented. When our stories include trauma and loss that have not been processed, these normal challenges of life can become even more difficult to navigate. Whether from relationship changes, job shifts, or other forms of trauma and loss, we all need to grieve and integrate what has been left behind and learn how to move into what lies ahead.

My desire is to help you connect with your authentic self and ground more fully in the present and in the truth that you are loved and held. It is in learning to be present and clinging to this truth that we can find contentment and live more fully, in spite of difficult or challenging circumstances.

I recognize that each individual has unique needs, and as your therapist will seek to meet you in the ways that best support your individual concerns and specific goals for therapy. I have extensive experience with individual and couples seeking help with depression, grief, anxiety, trauma, and relationship concerns.

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