Annika Geijerstam

I do not work on the basis of a single method, but see what each individual needs. I use the kind of tool I find most effective and adequate in relation to each individual and in relation to the kind of problem the individual suffers from..

One tool is to work with Life Span integration (LI)

Lifespan Integration (LI) is a therapeutic method that enables healing without re-traumatizing and is based on man’s inherent capacity for recovery.    LI is very effective in treating anxiety, post-traumatic stress, attachment problems, eating disorders, somatic problems and dissociative difficulties.    Lifespan Integration was developed in 2002 by Peggy Pace and was originally used to treat people who have been exposed to trauma in their childhood. In her work, she discovered that Lifespan Integration therapy helped people of all ages and with many different difficulties.

Affect-focused psychotherapy is another way of working that focuses on the client´s emotional problems, in which you try to deepen the client´s emotional experiences. Many people do not have access to certain basic affects, such as joy, curiosity, sadness, determination and care about oneself. The therapy then focuses on getting in touch with feelings that have been turned off for various reasons.

Another way to convey what is difficult to put into words is to express yourself in a picture.

The therapy is conducted on a psychodynamic basis. This means  that the therapy is focused om seeing what has affected your life pattern. In therapy, we together explore the reason why you have difficulty managing life.  If you are interested in starting therapy, we will start meeting on three occasions. Than we do a joint evaluation if we are to continue. If you decide to continue, we will book regular appointments.

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