Angela Pham is a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Washington. She has attended both level 1 and 2 LI trainings, and currently getting supervision in order to become a certified LI therapist. Angela specializes in eating disorders, including binge eating disorder, sexual abuse, attachment issues, anxiety, and body image concerns.

Angela uses LI to support her clients in developing a healthy relationship to their bodies and finds that many of her clients with binge eating disorder benefit from using LI.

She is also a registered dietitian, where she promotes a non-diet approach to lifestyle and health behaviors.

Angela practices in Bellevue, Washington and provides free consults to see if she would be a good fit for you. Angela works with teenagers, young adults, and adults.

What is it like to come to therapy?

Angela likes to use the metaphor of being in a treehouse, to explain what coming to therapy is like. In a treehouse, we are able to see things in new ways, because of being higher off the ground. Therapy offers a new perspective on life, by being able to see a situation or feeling in a different or more curious way. Angela loves spending time in treehouses, because they make her feel calm and grounded. She goes to the trees for comfort; it is her happy place

As a therapist, Angela will support you in finding your happy place.

Treehouses are places where people go to retreat to play. Angela believes that the therapy hour can also provide a respite from the stress of every day life, and a chance to reconnect with your authentic, emotional, or playful side.

Treehouses cause even the most grownup adult, to act like a kid again. Angela hopes for her clients, that regardless of their age, they can come to her office and reconnect with dreams, desires, and parts of themselves that they have forgotten along the way.

What is Angela’s general philosophy and approach to helping people?

Her philosophy as a therapist came from interpersonal and relational therapy, where she learned that the relationship between therapist and client can create new experiences that support the client to change their way of being in relationship with other people in their lives. Her work as a therapist is influenced by feminist theory, and she takes a look at the societal impact of her client’s distress and concern.
Angela is directive and honest, while at the same time being very compassionate.
She enjoys having significant others, family members, and friends attend therapy sessions.

Does Angela seek regular peer consultation?

Angela regularly attends a body image support group for eating disorder practitioners at Opal Food and Body Wisdom. She also facilitates a Health At Every Size® consultation group for providers that use a non-diet approach to health within therapy or nutrition practices.

Has Angela done her own work in therapy?

Yes! Angela sought out her own therapy during graduate school. Before becoming certified as a lifespan integration practitioner, she sought therapy using lifespan integration, and continues to do so. She also has done couples therapy work with her husband.

Does Angela make guarantees or promises?

Angela guarantees that you will get out what you put into therapy. Your beliefs and judgements about its effectiveness will impact your experience in therapy. She doesn’t make any promises to her clients, because each person’s path is so unique. However, she does believe that change is possible and that recovery from an eating disorder or other anxiety disorders, is within your reach.

Does Angela adhere to ethical principles?

Yes, as a licensed therapist in the state of Washington, Angela am required to obtain 36 continuing education credits (CEUs) every 2 years. In her peer consultation and supervision groups, she discusses ethics and boundaries frequently. She also provides clients with a copy of my informed consent prior to treatment, which is a document which states what you can expect from working with her, and also lays out confidentiality requirements, and your rights as a client.

Is Angela licensed in the state you reside?

Yes! She is a licensed mental health counselor in the state of Washington, (LH60489780)

Angela Pham

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