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Après une formation universitaire (Doctorat en biologie moléculaire, suivi de recherches au Medical Research Council Cambridge (UK) sur la transmission de l’information dans la cellule), j’ouvre en 1995 mon cabinet de counseling, dans le canton de…

Seekers of wholeness are discovering what sages of old have known and current brain research affirms at every turn – our essential selves are an intricately woven tapestry of mind, body, heart, and spirit.

I am a Certified Lifespan Integration Therapist and have been using L.I. with my clients since 2012.

Connect with yourself and allow inside-out change The mind-body connection is a powerful force for your healing and personal growth. Simple, practical exercises help you connect more deeply with your own body, helping you feel at home in yourself,…

Je suis psychologue clinicienne, j’exerce en libéral sur Paris (XVIème arrondissement), sur La Roche Guyon (95) et sur skype. Je me suis formée à l’ICV en 2010 avec Peggy Pace, cette formation a changé profondément ma pratique…

Andrea Märtens es psicóloga y terpapeuta de Madrid (España), con una visión del cuerpo-mente como una entidad indisociable.

Jag arbetar med, handleder och utbildar i Lifespan integration.

Leg. Psykoterapeut, Dipl. Dansterapeut, Instruktör i mindfulness.

Jag arbetar med, handleder och utbildar i Lifespan Integration. Dininsida Stortorget 3 111 29. Stockholm  

I am a Dramatherapist and Level 2 trained Lifespan Integration therapist, based in the East Midlands between Derby and Nottingham, UK. In my private practice I work with adults using both therapy modalities depending on the need. I specialise in…