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Healing is Possible!

Cindy is the Director of Certification for Lifespan Integration in the US and is an approved LI Trainer and Consultant.   Cindy has been active in the LI community since 2004 when she received her first experience of LI as a client.  She immediately…

Lanaiah Young, Master of Social Work (MSW), Certified Social Worker (CSW), provides psychotherapy to individuals dealing with a variety of mental health disorders. Lanaiah specializes in the treatment of Trauma and Stressor related disorders, Post…

Что такое Lifespan Integration (LI) – Интеграция Событий Жизни? Это новая техника в психотерапии, которая исцеляет людей, переживших в детстве насилие и/или отсутствие заботы, а также получивших травмы в зрелом возрасте.