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Michelle Waters Michelle uses Lifespan Integration to help adults finally get past the difficult experiences that seem to keep following them through life.  With LI, individuals find their voices and gain clarity as they lead fuller, more connected…

Cindy Wuflestad Cindy is an approved LI Consultant and is committed to advancing LI therapists through their certification experience. She has been active in the LI community since 2003 after receiving her first experience of LI as a client.  During…

My profession is Cognitive Psychotherapy and I have had my own practice since 2013. Previously, I have worked 11 years in a anthroposophical hospital in Järna, a city north of Stockholm, Sweden, where I had patients both at the hospital and at the…

I’m a relational psychodynamic psychotherapist in practice for 25+ years.  Several years ago, I began searching for an effective method for treating acute and complex PTSD.  When I discovered Lifespan Integration in 2007, I found it to be a…

Lanaiah Young Master of Social Work (MSW), Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), provides psychotherapy to individuals dealing with a variety of mental health disorders. Lanaiah specializes in the treatment of Trauma and Stressor related disorders…

Zarrouk nathalie Psychologue clinicienne. Diplomée DESS psychopathologie clinique Aix-en-Provence. Formée ICV depuis 2015. J’exerce en cabinet libéral sur Vincennes et par Skype. Diplôme Universitaire psychotraumatologie et DU criminologie &…

Psychologue, Docteur en psychologie

Nous passons tous notre vie à tenter de nous adapter à chaque étape que nous traversons et aux rôles que nous devons endosser

наб. Макарова д.6 (emb.Makarova 6) – St Petersburg

Ольга Позднышева Россия, город Санкт-Петербург