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Hello, I am a certified, level 3 trained LI therapist and consultant/clinical supervisor. I’ve been using LI in my private practice since 2011 and have been on the teaching team (UK), as a facilitator, for many courses since 2015. I am an Arts…

About Shannon has been using Lifespan Integration since 2014, and has been a Certified Lifespan Integration therapist and consultant since 2016.  Her love of Lifespan Integration began while she was working at a college counseling center and helped…

Psychologue clinicienne diplômée de l’Ecole de Psychologues Praticiens (Paris) et de l’Université Paris X Nanterre, je pratique la psychothérapie, le bilan psychologique pour adultes et la supervision clinique.

Welcome! In my counseling practice we will work closely together to facilitate the shifts required to help you grow and thrive. My therapeutic style is to validate your strengths and the challenges you face, while gently guiding you to embody a…

Praxis Dr. med. Ingrid Stallmach, Fachärztin für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie FMH CH. Schwerpunkt: Psychotherapie für Erwachsene im Einzelsetting. Integrative Körperpsychotherapie ibp. Lehrtherapeutin für ibp: Selbsterfahrung und Einzel…

Psychologue Clinicienne / Thérapeute Familiale

Carole Stanislas Installée en libéral, je pratique l’ICV depuis 2012. 108 avenue du Bac, 94210, La Varenne Saint-Hilaire, France

Psychologue clinicienne, thérapeute de couple et de famille, je travaille depuis 2017 en ICV. Actuellement, je propose uniquement des visio-consultations. 33830 BELIN-BELIET  

Bronwyn Sullivan Masters of Counselling Psychology Registered Clinical Counsellor

Nobody plans to wake up one morning with the sinking realisation that what is going on just isn’t working. This could be around a realisation that life not going in the direction you expected or feeling overwhelmed from being thrown one of…

Studium in Psychologie (Klinische) in Zürich (1986 Master of Science/1990 Fachtitel : Fachpsychologin für Psychotherapie FSP/1990 Praxisbewilligung des Kanton Solothurn) Therapieausbildungen : Lifespan Integration seit 2010 Integrative…

I believe that the therapeutic process is one that provides security to navigate those areas with more clarity and intentionality than ever before. I draw from a myriad of evidenced based practices that will meet you where you are and equip you…

Psychologue Clinicienne - Psychothérapeute

フランス国家資格臨床心理士 – ライフスパンインテグレーションと交流分析による, 大人・子供・カップルのための心理カウンセリング

Psychologue Clinicienne de formation, diplômée à l’université Denis Diderot Paris 7 depuis 2003, je suis formée à l’ICV depuis 2017. Je suis spécialiste en psychotraumatologie et travaille par ailleurs en institution dans le champ de la…

Trauma visits us in many forms; from family wounds to battle wounds. I find Lifespan Integration an effective therapeutic platform from which people can access health, stability, and emotional integrity.

A licensed mental health counselor in Bellevue WA, Cathy’s counseling work with children and adults is focused on trauma and anxiety. Cathy was initially trained as an EMDR therapist, but after learning Lifespan Integration (LI) in 2003, she has…

Je pratique la psychothérapie pour adultes  en cabinet libéral. Thérapeute ICV , 2014 –  Institut Double Hélice Gestalt praticienne certifiée,  2010 –  Ecole Parisienne de Gestalt Art-thérapeute,  2007 – Master Paris V Titulaire du…

Psychologue et gestalt-thérapeute formée à la PGRO (psychothérapie gestaltiste des relations d’objet), j’accompagne en cabinet privé des adolescents et des adultes en thérapie individuelle.

“When healing is absent in the past, it is impossible to be fully present in the NOW”. My job as a therapist is to facilitate you being fully present here and now.

I am an Integrative Psychotherapist working within the NHS and in private practice. My background is in adult neurological disorders, eating disorders, clinical management and clinical supervision. I have experience of working with PTSD and complex…

Psychologue clinicienne – Thérapeute de couples & familles

Healing is Possible!